wairarapa box 131 transportable home

Our lovely clients made the move from their long-term home in Raglan to Pinot Grove in South Wairarapa and took an Elevate home along with them! With such a big move to unfamiliar territory, they could be sure at least, that the house they would live in felt like home. 

This 130m2 home has a restful colour scheme with sandstone grey iron and graphite stained cedar on the exterior and soft neutral tones paired with Scandinavian style furnishings and decor on the interior. The standard Box 130 floor plan was modified to change the third bedroom into an office, providing more space for a larger full sized laundry, which catered more to their lifestyle.

Building a new home can be a daunting prospect and with such a big move to organise as well, we wanted to know how they found their new build experience. They said: "The building process and dealing with Lee and the Elevate Homes team was wonderful. We have loved the whole process. It was actually a shame when it came to an end. We would certainly recommend them - and we do - as often people (strangers) call in to talk about our new house and we show them around it. We have absolutely no complaints about anything."

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