how we work - the architectural design process

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At Turner Road Architecture we offer a full range of architectural design services, specialising in residential new homes and commercial architecture.

We tailor our services to suit your project and requirements but the following process gives you an idea of the steps we normally take to turn your ideas and house goals into a beautifully bespoke building that we can all be proud of.

Step 1: Initial Discussion

We get together for a free, non-obligation chat to talk about your project, ideas and aspirations. Designing your home or building is a personal thing and we want to make sure you feel comfortable with us and that we’re on the same page. We get an understanding of your tastes and lifestyle and talk through how your requirements can be incorporated into the building design. Don’t worry at this stage if you are unsure of exactly what you want, as we will guide and help to firm up your ideas.

Step 2: Formal Engagement

Following our meeting and taking into account the ideas from our initial discussion we put together a general design brief and a letter of engagement for our services. You then confirm if you are happy to engage us.

Step 3: Concept Design

We will visit your site to assess and determine factors such as the land contours, sun aspect and views. We’ll then expand on the initial design brief to provide a full written brief and specification for your project.

The concept design sketches are also included at this stage and generally include the following:

  • Floor plan
  • Elevations
  • Site plan

Step 4: Developed Design

The developed building design is simply an advancement of the concept plans. Here we discuss any issues and incorporate suggestions that you may have, so you are completely satisfied with the final house design.

The developed design gives you advanced drawings, which are more detailed and technically accurate. At the end of this stage, most of the design issues have been solved.

At this stage you receive from us:

  • Developed floor plans
  • Developed 3D elevations
  • Developed site plan

Step 5: Construction Drawings and Documentation

Once you are happy with the building design drawings, we prepare a full, detailed set of drawing documentation and a detailed written specification which is submitted to Council for the building consent application.

So you receive:

  • Detailed construction drawings and documentation
  • Detailed written specification.

Step 6: Building and Resource Consent Application

  • Building consent – As part of our service we also take care of the building consent process for our clients. This means by the end of the process with us you will have consented drawings and documentation ready to start your build.
  • Resource consent – If your build requires a resource consent we have a network of experienced planners that we work closely with to navigate the resource consent process to achieve the best possible results.

The Building Performance provides additional information about building consent and compliance.

Step 7:  Additional Services

Navigating a build project is a complicated business so using our extensive experience and knowledge of the construction industry is an investment in ensuing the best possible outcome. We want the very best for your build and act on your behalf and as your advocate.  

Turner Road Architecture offers the following services:

  • Tendering – we advise on the contractors who best suit the project, provide advice on the contracts and analyse the tenders (quotes).
  • Job observation – we observe the construction process and ensure that the project is built in accordance with the drawings and specifications. We also help with further creative detailing throughout the build which ensures the final product is on brief and of the highest standard.