four square supermarket cambridge

Nestled in the heart of vibrant Cambridge East, a tired and aging building housing a popular family-owned dairy, has been replaced by an iconic contemporary mixed-use commercial/ residential space, which stands as a testament to community engagement and thoughtful design.

The building and dairy owners, Dinesh and Nimisha Patel, approached Turner Road Architecture to create a commercial building, primarily to house their new supermarket and family home. They also wanted to maximize the central location and generate additional income streams by incorporating retail space and apartment accommodation.

The Patels granted the TRA team complete creative freedom to conceive a space that seamlessly blended commerce, comfort, and aesthetics—a contemporary design that not only met commercial longevity and low-maintenance criteria but also captivated, with a striking road frontage appeal.

As the building was situated within a residential setting, the TRA team worked in close collaboration with the Waipa Council Urban Design Team. Their goal: to ensure that the building’s materiality seamlessly integrated into the environment while honouring the client’s vision for an aesthetically impactful structure.

The resultant building while striking and robust, bridged the gap between urban aesthetics and vibrant community living. The cladding material choices resonate with the neighborhood’s essence, comprising standing seam iron, brick and natural timbers. And thoughtful landscaping and gardens to the front of the building also soften the overall impact and help mitigate urban heat islands.

The building includes a small supermarket, retail space and two cozy one-bedroom residential apartments with northerly facing outdoor living on the ground floor. The second-floor houses two, two-bedroom apartments and a spacious three-bedroom, two-bathroom owner’s residence.

From inception to realisation, the Turner Road Architecture team stood by the Patels, guiding them through feasibility studies, concept design, consents and approvals. Together, they have welcomed in a new chapter for Cambridge locals – the building isn’t just bricks and beams; it’s the hub and heart of a thriving local community.