Chris Wilson (Dip Arch Tech)

Senior Architectural Designer /Team Lead

Chris is a senior architectural designer and has been with Turner Road Architecture for over 13 years. His breadth of experience and keen organisational abilities ensure the Turner Road work schedule is a well oiled machine and all team members have a clear vision and understanding of both their short and long term goals.

Chris has outstanding construction knowledge and an excellent eye for detail which is evident in his detailed and meticulous building and house plans. He excels in producing accurate, clear construction and design drawings - which is an essential requirement for a modern architectural practice such as Turner Road Architecture. He is also one of the team's resident technical experts in the latest architectural CAD and 3D rendering software and all PC related matters.

A local lad, Chris was born and raised in Cambridge.

Chris says: “I enjoy a challenge and finding a new way of implementing or designing something that the client may not have considered. Coming up with a creative, practical solution to meet clients' needs is a really rewarding part of the job".