centennial house renovation

Turner Road Architecture, had the privilege of collaborating with Wendy and Bernard Hilhorst on their historic homestead in Cambridge. The century-old Arts and Craft style home, originally envisioned by the renowned architect James Douce, stands as a testament to timeless design and rural elegance.

The Hilhorst’s were keen to preserve the character and historic charm of the home, while modernising and incorporating greater flow and connectivity between spaces, for more comfortable contemporary living.

Interior Transformations

Galley Kitchen Revival:
The once small, isolated galley kitchen has undergone a remarkable transformation into a lighter, brighter, and more social open-plan space. Now seamlessly connected to the dining room and outdoor entertaining area, this kitchen invites culinary creativity and lively conversations.

Scullery and Pantry:
Practicality meets elegance with the addition of a scullery and pantry. These functional spaces enhance storage and streamline meal preparation.

Outdoor Bliss:
The new covered patio extends entertaining space and blends indoor and outdoor living - offering comfort, style and stunning views.

Master Suite Retreat:
A second living room has been re-fashioned into a luxurious master bedroom, ensuite, and walk-in wardrobe. Positioned strategically, the bedroom captures the northern-facing outlook, providing serene views of the newly constructed stables and landscaped lawns.

Southern Elegance:
The southern elevation, once the rear entry, now stands as the graceful front entrance to the home. A covered entry porch is now adorned with substantial plastered plinths and topped by timber columns. The beautiful wooden entrance doors, complete with inlaid lead-lighting, evoke vintage charm and warmly welcome guests.

Upstairs Tranquility:
The piecemeal layout upstairs has been thoughtfully reimagined. Awkwardly shaped rooms have given way to more spacious, free-flowing bedrooms. The bathroom and toilet area have been reorganized, and additional storage ensures clutter-free living.

Exterior Metamorphosis

Symmetry and Light:
Externally, some walls were realigned, and windows repositioned to achieve greater symmetry and add more natural light to the interior. Given the solid concrete walls, structural engineering and meticulous architectural detailing were essential to maintain the original design integrity.

Garage Roof Ascends:
The garage roof’s pitch has been raised, aligning it with the lines of the main dwelling. This subtle adjustment enhances the overall aesthetic and cohesion of the front elevation.

Textured Harmony:
All new and existing external walls have been re-stuccoed, to match the original heavily textured plaster finish.

The renovation project was a labour of love for Wendy and Bernard. The couple went to great lengths to ensure the integrity and consistency of the home was maintained. A road trip to the South Island to purchase and re-purpose an Arts and Craft house lot of lead-light windows and doors, was but one example of this commitment to authenticity.

Wendy has an amazing eye for detail and design and every part of the home, down to the last lamp shade, is a thoughtful and authentic expression of the era and are testament to her design-led flair.

Bernard shares his wife’s attention to detail and as an inventor, craftsman and ex-farmer his creative practicality has ensured the home DIY projects are truly next-level and evident throughout the house and gardens. 

Wendy shared her thoughts on the project, “Working with Turner Road Architecture was a stressless experience and they were so accommodating of all of our requirements. As the renovation was of a 100-year-old Arts and Craft style home, we wanted to maintain the original style and features but modernise for today’s lifestyle. We feel this has been achieved, and the home will stand proud for another 100 years!”

The combined efforts and abilities of Turner Road Architecture, the talented team at GD Pringle Building and a dedicated, design-focused couple have achieved a tasteful and sympathetic restoration - reviving an iconic home to its original splendor.