Sam Boswell (Dip Arch Tech)

Architectural Designer

Our newest recruit Sam Boswell comes to us with a varied and extensive career history. His background is in mechanical engineering and photography, so he felt the move to architectural design was a natural progression, allowing him to merge his analytical thinking with artistic creativity. The Turner Road team also get to enjoy the benefits of not only having another talented designer and 3D marvel in the office but also a resident staff photographer, who is ready and willing to whip the camera out at any time!

Sam’s strength as a designer is his eye for detail and passion for a buildings form. He has an innate ability to connect any building and its living spaces to the surrounding environment. He can visualise what clients’ are looking for and translates their requirements into thoughtful, considered design. His practical knowledge and experience with the build process, having gone through it himself, is another real asset.

Sam says: “One of the things I love most about working as an architectural designer is learning about and using different materials and methods of construction – it’s very rewarding and exciting to see the amazing end results for clients.”

In his spare time, Sam’s hobbies are as varied as his career history! He enjoys mountain biking and hiking and follows the art scene, particularly street art and sculpture. He’s also been known to try his hand at designing and creating steel sculptures from time to time.