Architectural Design Fees

At Turner Road Architecture we pride ourselves on being honest and up front. A building project can be a very rewarding experience but it can also be a stressful time if unexpected costs arise. You can trust us to always keep you informed.

If there are any changes outside of the agreed original scope of work, we will let you know the associated costs before any extra work begins, so there are no surprises.

Types of Fees

There are three types of architectural fee structures:

Lump Sum Fee

This method is often used on smaller or less complex projects as it is easier to gauge the amount of work involved. It is calculated on an hourly rate basis during the early stages of the project once the total scope of work has been decided (usually after the developed design is completed).

Time Charge Fee

Charging by the hour is the best method of payment where the scope of work is unknown or for periodic services such as tendering and negotiation, contract administration, and site inspection etc. This method may also be appropriate at the early stages of a project where the scope of the work is not fully understood or additional services have been employed.

Percentage Fee

With buildings becoming increasingly more complex in both design and construction often the best approach for obtaining a fair project fee for both the client and designer is with the percentage fee method. This type of fee is calculated on a percentage of the total building cost.